Pocket Safe Neutralizers

Pocket Safe's are an integral part of the Geo-Safe-E system of EMF Neutralization.  Each on has its own frequency for different situations including cell phones, laptops, air travel, PC's, Adrenal, Chakra Balancing and more...testing is needed. 

What biological problems stem from EMF exposure?

Dr. Allan Frey, a Stanford University Biophysicist/Neuroscientist did extensive research on EMF’s in the 1970’s and found out that EMF’s diminish the body’s blood/brain barrier, thus giving toxins increased access. 

His research also revealed t the following biological links:

  • Increased cell growth of cancer cells
  • Doubling of lymphoma in mice
  • Increased number of tumors in rats
  • Increased DNA damage, increased single and double strand breaks
  • 2-4x increase in cancer rates for Polish soldiers expose to (RF) Radio Frequencies
  • Distorted sleep patterns
  • Headaches caused by RF
  • Decreased memory, attention and slower reaction time with school children
  • Increased blood pressure in healthy men

Other proven biological effects from EMF exposure:

  • Altered chronobiology leading to stress response
  • Leptin resistance and altered hormone panels (thyroid dysfunction)
  • Immune dysfunction leading to autoimmune conditions
  • Russian research shows hypothalamic damage
  • Pulsed low frequency EMF’s inhibit firing rates of neurons (UCLA)
  • Increased inflammation
  • Free radicals are generated

"The explosive recent increase in radio frequency radiation and high frequency voltage transient sources, especially in urban areas from  cell phones and towers terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment, suggests that like the twentieth century EMF epidemic, we may already have twenty-first century epidemic of morbidity and mortality under way, caused by high frequency electromagnetic fields.

Dr. Samuel Milham, author of Dirty Electricity

“EMF’s main problem is that it diminishes our life force by blocking the constant electron flow life requires, and today, it is being increased in intensity every time you upgrade our iPhone’s today.”
Dr. Jack Kruse, Neuro Surgeon and author of EPI-Paleo RX and his blog  "Reversing Disease for Optimal Health"

Playing around with bio-energetic testing!

What can I do to protect myself and my family? (Pets too)

1) Minimize Exposure-Move your computer tower away from your body. Remove the alarm clocks that are by your head with the wire.  Get most if not all metal our of your bedroom.  Don't put a laptop directly on your lap.  Shut off electricity in bedroom at night if possible.

2) Ground yourself- Make direct contact with mother earth.  If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean go to the beach and put your feet in the sand and even better spend some time in the water.

3)Protect your body with devices that both neutralize your cell phone and protect your body from everyone elses cell phone- 

4) Educate yourself about this phenomenon and develop strategies to minimize the biological effects. 

5) Neutralize the radiation in your home- Get your home tested for EMF's and neutralized.    Most importantly is the bedroom so you can rest and reset your body for the next day. 

6) Neutralize the radiation in your work space, especially if you work around electronics/computers and bad EMF fields all day long. 

7) Have a EMF neutralizer in your car. 

How do I get my home tested?

You need to schedule an appointment and I will bring with me testing equipment and energetic products to energetically enhance the living space.  I will usually bring an assistant with me unless we already know that you are able to do the muscle testing.  It is always best to have the home owner involved in the process. 

Muscle testing is needed to assess the environment energetically before and after adding devices for remediation. 

GeoSafe E Products- based on 30 years of research and experience in electromagnetic and earth radiation study by Dieter Schafer, are proven to neutralize harmful EMF radiation from electronic devices, radio waves, wireless broadcasting frequencies, water-lines and magnetic field distortions that produce ground radiation. GeoSafe products contain over 20 crystal and mineral substances with varying physical angles of refraction for radiation neutralization.

GeoSafe E Spheres, for location in environments such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, automobiles and computer workspaces, should be ordered after a geobiological consultation by Gary James. Optimal neutralization is reached when the type of neutralization and the best location for placement of GeoSafe E Products (near bed or workspace) is determined through this consultation at your location or through remote services.

Contact me for a consultation and to receive a FREE copy of the book "Radiation Fields".  This explains in detail all sources of radiation and why the Geo-Safe System is the optimal solution.

What is EMF?

It is the biggest pink elephant in the collective room today. EMF is an abbreviation for "Electro Magnetic Frequencies".  EMF is generally considered the  combination of invisible frequencies in our environment including low frequency from electrical and magnetic fields derived from appliances, electrical wires, computers and TV's and high frequency from digital phones, wireless phones and WIFI. 

Never before in recorded history have we been exposed to a more intense EMF grid than today and it increases in size and intensity daily.

Got a cell tower by your home or office?

Check here www.antennasearch.com

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Geosafe-E Radiation Neutralizers

Energetic Radiation Testing Equipment

Tests for Electromagnetic fields, Electrical fields, Conductivity, Gamma Radiation, High Frequency Radiation (WIFI, cell phone, etc.) and the newest gadget is a touch screen sensor..

What 's going on in your bedroom? Many types of energetic radiation may be impacting your sleep and health.