How it impacts your health and what you can do about it

By Gary James Greenleaf
Certified Geo-Biological Consultant

What is EMF?

EMF is an abbreviation for "Electro Magnetic Frequencies".  EMF is generally considered the combination of invisible frequencies in our environment including low frequency from electrical and magnetic fields derived from appliances, electrical wires, computers and TV's and high frequency from smart phones, cell towers, wireless phones and Wi-Fi. 

Never before in recorded history have we been exposed to a more intense EMF grid than today and it increases in size and intensity daily. If all EMF radiation were visible today, in most cities you probably could not see the hand in front of your face.  We are dealing with an epi-genetic phenomenon that is invisible, quiet, only sensed by some yet has the potential to do great biological harm with consistent exposure. Type your paragraph here.

Laptops emit a significant amount of radiation and should never be used on your lap; at 50 centimeters from your body the Wi-Fi signal from your laptop is stronger than a cell phone tower 100 meters away.  You can use a corded mouse and keyboard and keep the laptop further away for your energetic field. I have a new touch-screen radiation detector that makes the radiation audible and it always reads high on the all touch screen devices and the laptop keyboards that I have tested.  The fingertips are very sensitive and are always emitting and receiving information from our environment, and when they are in contact with a touch-screen device you are transmitting and receiving radiation. 

 Your sleeping area is very important due to the nature of the human body needing to rest, repair and rejuvenate at night.  Your autonomic nervous system goes into parasympathetic mode when you sleep and if you cells are constantly responding to EMF in your environment, the result is a less than adequate nightly rejuvenation process.  It is optimal to have an organic latex bed without a metal box spring; electric beds often have an EMF field even when not in use. Remove electronic devices like digital clocks from the sides of your bed. A general rule is to keep the any metals out of the bedroom. 

Photo Credit: David Dees

Magnetic fields and radio waves can’t be magically eliminated. They are still technically measurable in the air after neutralization.  However, they are no longer medically or technically measurable IN THE BODY, whether by means of bio-resonance, electro-acupuncture, blood tests or kinesiology.  

Gary is a certified Geo-Biological Consultant with the Geo-Safe Institute from Germany.  He has been helping others with EMF neutralizations in their homes and office for almost a decade.  He is also certified as a Qi-Gong Instructor, Reiki Master and a QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) Practitioner.  He studied business in college and has his MBA from Lehigh University and BS from Towson State University.  He is passionate about sharing the Geo-Safe-E System of Neutralization with others so they too can turn adversity into their advantage.  

Gary is based in Fort Lauderdale and can be reached at 520-591-8282 and or

Children are at greater risk due to their developing brains with more fluid that allows increased penetration of radiation.  Cell phone research shows increased permeability and radiation absorption in inverse relation to age.  Manufacturers are now marketing cell phone protectors for babies so the phone will be protected by drool and dropping by your baby (never mind the EMF and radiation exposure to your infant). There is even a toddler toilet with an ipad holder on called ipotty.  The devices may make a good babysitter but what price is being paid for it?

 According to statistics published by the American Brain Tumor Association, there are 700,000 Americans now living with a primary brain and central nervous system tumor; this year 17,000 of these people will lose the battle with this condition.  Malignant brain tumors are the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 and the most common cancer occurring among 15-19 year olds. Keep in mind that this age group has lived most if not all of their lives in the new EMF grid and 2013 statistics show that approximately 78% of US teenagers age 12-17 now have cell phones. 

 The biggest radiation health offender in our world today is the pulsing high frequency signals that are generated by your Wi-Fi, cell phone, cell phone towers and cordless phones.  It is believed that the erratic nature of this signal which is pulsing, has frequency, amplitude and information content may be too much for the body to handle, resulting in a diminished ability of your DNA to repair itself. Digital signals constantly pulse on and off, imagine staring at a light bulb and having the light switch continuously flipped for a long period of time while you are staring at the light bulb.  Wouldn’t it be better to just keep it on?

 What you can do about it?

Do your own research, educate yourself and share the information with your friends and family.  Here are a few very informative websites for you:,, and Curious about how many cell towers are in your neighborhood?  Go to

Step 1 is to minimize exposure.

One of the first things anyone can do is to take a step back in time.  Replacing your Wi-Fi with a corded LAN line is very helpful; you will have to get your neighbors to do the same.  Trade your cordless house phones in for the old fashioned corded model. 

 Keep your cell phone off your body and use the speakerphone to talk; having direct skin contact with smartphones is one of the worst things you can do.  If you need to put it in your pocket, at least turn it off or use airplane mode.  The screen touch sensor can still detect a pulsing signal on cell phones even when offFor women, the breasts are especially sensitive to radiation due to the fluid nature of the tissue, and in men the genitalia are highly sensitive especially when carrying a phone in the pocket. 

Photo Credit: Patricia Cardenas

Step 2- Geo-Safe-E System of Neutralization- the holistic solution

Even if we get rid of our Wi-Fi and make changes in our homes we are still subject to the next cell tower upgrade, inherent geo-pathic stress (natural earth radiation), smart meter upgrades and more.  I work with the Geo-Safe-E System, which is a custom neutralization system that transmutes harmful radiation into something that does not negatively impact the body.   The neutralization is done to the living and working space and also incorporates support for your body while traveling and doing daily tasks. 

Like doctors in the old days, Gary visits your house or office and measure scientifically and bio-energetically the energetic fields.  I have testing devices for EMF, electrical fields, high frequency radiation, gamma radiation and more.  He then tests for the optimal solution specific to your living/working area based upon what is presented.

The Geo-Safe-E System is based on 30 years of research and experience in electromagnetic and earth radiation study by Dieter Schaefer, and are proven to neutralize harmful EMF radiation from electronic devices, radio waves, wireless broadcasting frequencies, water-lines and magnetic field distortions that produce ground radiation. Geo-Safe products contain over 20 crystal and mineral substances with varying physical angles of refraction for radiation neutralization.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. If you have a medical concern, consult your healthcare provider.

Biological Effects of EMF

Scientific research regarding the negative biological impact of EMF has been going on for decades; however most of the results are not widely known by the public.

Dr. Allan Frey, a biologist and researcher into the biological effects of EMF did a study in 1975 that was published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  Dr. Frey injected white rats with blue dye, which was seen in the bloodstream but not in the brain.  He then exposed them to microwaves and within minutes the dye was seen in the brains of the rats.

The results show that EMF diminishes the blood-brain barrier, allowing bacteria, viruses and other toxins access to the brain. The collective body of Dr. Frey’s research shows the following biological effects from EMF:

*Doubling of Lymphoma in mice

*Increased number of tumors in rats

*Distorted sleep patterns

*Increased blood pressure in healthy men

*Headaches caused by RF

 Scientific studies by Dr. Varga at the University of Heidelberg have proved that pulsating and non-pulsating radiation has an effect on the pituitary gland in the brain and therefor, can negatively affect the central nervous system.

 John Aitken, a well-known fertility researcher at the University of Newcastle in Australia conducted a study on sperm and what happens when exposed to EMF.  Does anyone know a male that keeps his cell phone in his pocket?  The sperm exposed to EMF died (3) times faster and had (3) times the mitochondrial DNA damage than the non-exposed group.  Greater negative effects on sperm were measured with just small amounts EMF exposure.